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Works in Baltimore

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Isaac Beaesch warehouse
Address: Eutaw, between Mulberry & Saratoga streets
Standing? No Year: 1884

The Great House of Isaac Benesch and Sons was the largest home furnishings department store of its time. The company was established in 1858 and eventually grew to encompass 13 retail outlets and 16 warehouses. Frederick designed this 28x140 feet warehouse with four stories and a basement, pressed brick, trimmed with Hummellstown stone.

Benesch originated many marketing ideas, which today are considered to be commonplace. Among them were:

• First home delivery by gas powered trucks. (1912),
• First to set-up complete room displays. (1921),
• First to take trade-ins. (1926)

Isaac Benesch died in 1907, passing the family business along to his sons of the title; Aaron, Jesse, Samuel and William.

The warehouse was torn down and replaced by building designed by Charles E. Cassell.