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Works in Baltimore

Greisenheim Home for the Aged
Name: Greisenheim Home for the Aged
(later known as Bon Secours Hospital)
Address: Baltimore and Payson Streets
Standing? No Year: 1884

Greisenheim Home for the Aged; commemorative coin

A coin commemorating the opening of Greisenheim. Click for a larger view.

A home for aged Germans costing about $60,000. A front of 135 feet with two of its three wings 59 feet and the third wing 123 feet. It was three and four stories high and built of brick, relieved with Kentucky froestone trimmings and terra cotta decorations. It sat on one of the highest points in Baltimore and housed about 90 people.

The Sisters of Bon Secours purchased the building in the 1930s and used it as a convent and later as a hospital until 1968, when it was demolished.