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Works in Baltimore

Works in Baltimore

Mallory Mansion
Name: J. (Jeremiah?) D. Mallory House & Stable
Address: Charles St (near Merryman's Lane—now known as University Parkway)
Standing? No Year: 1883

“A most elegant and capacious dwelling finished in most elegant style and manner, and with all the modern conveniences. ”

--Maryland Journal,
Sept. 29, 1883

The style is Queen Anne's, and the steep roofs, the many gables and deeply recessed and canopied windows, spacious porches and ornamental timber work made a varied and pleasing appearance. The halls and vestibules are finished throughout in polished ash, as are all the rooms of the first and second floors [and all] are laid with the encaustic tile… The windows have all mullioned transoms, filled with the richest stained and jeweled glass, with French plat in the lower lights…

We believe Mallory was a railroad tycoon.