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George A Frederick: Prominent Baltimore Architect

Works in Baltimore

Works in Baltimore

Lyceum Theatre
Lyceum Theatre in Baltimore City Maryland 
by George W. Engelhardt, 1895

Wednesday Club
Address: Charles Street
Standing? No Year: 1879

We're not sure of Frederick's involvement in the Wednesday Club but John McGrain of the Baltimore Archictural Foundation reports that the Wednesday Club began around 1858. Members built their clubhouse with a Gothic front with its own theatre on Charles Street, north of Biddle, and it survived the Civil War. The club was sold to John W. Albaugh in 1887, who enlarged it, altered the front and developed it into Albaugh's Theatre, which became the Lyceum.

There was a cabaret on the roof called "The Tent," which Jacques Kelly says was a 1920s speakeasy with Meyer Davis's orchestra. The theatre burned in late April 1925. The theatre had occupied No. 1209 to 1215 North Charles Street, east side of the street north of Biddle.

Some say the Wednesday Club was a weekly lunch held at the Maryland Club.

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