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Hiram Woods residence
Address: ?
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The Archives of Maryland attribute George A. Frederick as having something to do with the design of Hiram Woods' residence in Baltimore—but we're not sure exactly what, which Hiram Woods or which home.

David Bennett with Design + Planning in Baltimore reports that Hiram Woods, Sr. was a sugar refiner and real estate investor and developer, who moved to 1210 Eutaw Place sometime around 1875. Woods built his country house "Woodlawn" circa 1862 in Baltimore County, essentially encompassing Roland Park's Plat 1. The property was sold to Dr. Louis Ignatius Turner around 1900, and the house was demolished in 1927 to make way for the houses now on the site.

The Archives reference may apply to the residence and office of his son Dr. Hiram Woods, 842 Park Avenue, built circa 1890. Dr. Woods married Laura Hall, daughter of R. C. Hall.

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