George A Frederick: Prominent Baltimore Architect

Works in Druid Hill

Works in Druid Hill Park

Druid Hill Park

bordered by Eutaw Pl, Madison Ave, Mount Royal Ave
Standing? Some Year: 1860-90

“We are here today for a noble purpose. We are here to dedicate this park to the whole people no matter from what remote land... no matter to what sect or religion they belong... no matter in what field of labor... however elevated or however humble. We are here to proclaim equality of rights to all, and to dedicate this park, now and forever, to the people of this great city.”

—Mayor Thomas Swann, Dedication of Druid Hill Park, October 19, 1860

Druid Hill Park is not only Baltimore City's largest park, it's also her oldest—and one of the first public parks in America.

Frederick designed many of the structures in the park, some of which are thought to be the oldest park structures in the nation. Frederick's many pavilions began life as way stations along a miniature railroad that once meandered around the park.

The park has Friends of Druid Hill Park, which was created to protect and maintain its magnificent woods and arbors, to preserve its historic monuments and buildings, and to reinvigorate the park.

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